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Clogged Gutters

Fall Maintenance: Protect Your Home This Winter

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The cold weather will be here before you know it, so it's important to get started on your Fall Maintenance Checklist! There's a lot to be done, so where do you start? Here’s a short list of items to focus on, so you can help protect your home from the harsh Winter elements.  

Easy Appliance Maintenance Tips

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Do you ever worry about your refrigerator breaking down and your food rotting? Or your washing machine flooding your basement? Well, with a little TLC, you can help prevent costly appliance malfunctions. Check out these 6 helpful tips and save y

Reduce Your Winter Heating Bill

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Another Minnesota winter is upon us, and we are experiencing sub-zero temperatures. While you can't do anything about the weather outside, you can make some simple changes at home to increase energy efficiency and keep that cold air out! Here are 9 helpful tips to get you started:

spring clean home

Spring Cleaning

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It's that time again! The snow is melting, the days are longer and it's time to freshen up your home. Let's clean those areas of your home that have been neglected and get ready for the warmth of summer. Here is a simple checklist of items to start with: 1. Remove all expired food from your pantr

How To Find The Perfect Tenant

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When you decide to become a landlord, you unload a lot of worries onto yourself. But nearly all of your possible issues can be avoided by finding the perfect tenant to rent your space. But how do you go about finding someone so great? Here are some things you should absolutely do when screening pote

Should I Allow Pets?

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More and more Americans are moving away from having human families and are embracing the idea of having a "fur family" instead. Businesses and restaurants have jumped on the craze by accommodating these types of families. Pet patios are becoming available at restaurants and retail stores are allowin

Improvements To Maximize Rent

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There are some simple and relatively inexpensive ways that you can get the most bang for your buck with your rental property. Here are some to look into: 1. Clean! Replacing carpets is a major expense. Although you should replace your rental properties’ carpet every 7 years, having your carpets

Fall Is Here! Protect Your Home From The Seasons.

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Here are some simple things you can do to help prepare for the harsh weather ahead: 1. Inspect and clean your gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters can potentially collect water that may get into your foundation or basement. Avoid the trouble by doing some dirty work! 2. Seal gaps/cracks aro

The Ideal Tenant

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Becoming a great tenant is something that you should strive for. Great tenants lead to happy landlords which is good news for you. Having your landlord like you may give you many perks such as: lower rent rates with renewal of lease, favorable rental history which can help when seeking a new place,

Money Saving Tips For Every Tenant

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According to, the average tenant spends about $200 a month on utilities. And that’s if they live by themselves! Thankfully, there are many simple ways you can reduce your monthly payments due to your utilities. 1. Watch your heating and cooling expenses carefully. If it’s
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