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Should I Allow Pets?

  December 11, 2016       Admin       0

More and more Americans are moving away from having human families and are embracing the idea of having a “fur family” instead. Businesses and restaurants have jumped on the craze by accommodating these types of families. Pet patios are becoming available at restaurants and retail stores are allowing you to bring your pet to walk around with you while you shop.

But should you allow pets into your precious investment: your rental property?

It seems as though the obvious cons would outweigh the pros: potential damage and injuries, noise nuisance, not to mention dander and allergies. But if they did wouldn’t every apartment deny pets?

There are many positives to allowing pets into your property. For one, an additional income. Not only can you charge more per month but you can request a large deposit up front for additional cleaning when they move out. Another is that you have a larger group of tenants to choose from. Also, your tenants may be happier knowing they got the best of both worlds. Not to mention they don’t have to sneak around if they decided to bring a pet into your place anyway.

In the end, whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, letting pets into your rental space is a big decision. It can affect prices, number of tenants to choose from and your liabilities. If you do decide to rent to tenants with pets, be sure to check them out beforehand and always use your best judgement. Like people, you shouldn’t let just any pet into your home.

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